Watch Gloria Steinem’s Profound Interview With Charlie Rose On ISIS, World History & The Future

by • December 8, 2015 • Charlie Rose, History, Politics, SocietyComments (0)2435

I was so riveted by Charlie Rose‘s recent interview with Gloria Steinem I had to watch it twice. In the 22-minute conversation Steinem shares her thoughts on climate change, the historical context of ISIS, how the death cult links to domestic abuse and the Chicago police shootings, how she feels President Obama’s been doing so far, and so much more. When asked about Obama she says, “I have such respect and empathy for him because he’s dealing with an ultra right wing that if they had cancer and he had the cure they wouldn’t accept it.” This is one of the greatest interviews I’ve seen from Rose’s show in quite some time, and I would consider it mandatory viewing for everyone.

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