The Joy Of Being A Student In The Tech Age: Paying Others To Write Your Essays For You

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Although I was an A-student way back in the day, some of my worst memories of high school and university were those moments when a friend reminded me, “Hey, did you finish writing your essay for tomorrow?” Dumbfounded, I would be completely taken aback by the assignment that had somehow slipped my mind.

Needless to say, I would then spend the rest of my night writing an essay until the wee hours of the morning. This is part of the problem with the modern education system. Today’s students are so bogged down in homework that they have no time for family or down time when they get home. But even worse than this, the education system of North America is in need of a drastic redesign from top to bottom. Obsessed with shoving memorization exercises down kids’ throats, our school system has completely denied the benefits of ‘experiential learning.’

One such school that’s gotten it right is the groundbreaking Drumduan Upper School in Scotland. With a curriculum designed by some of the students’ parents (including FEELguide hero Tilda Swinton, whose two kids attend the school), Drumduan’s philosophy is very think-outside-the-box. Aside from its vanguard co-founders, one of the most notable ideals that makes Drumduan so progressive is that students never have to take an exam or a test, there are no hierarchies, and there’s no sitting down for hours on end at a desk. No, students at Drumduan are out there in the world experiencing it first-hand. In an interview with The Guardian‘s Aaron Hicklin, Swinton says, “There’s no grading, no testing at all. My children are now 17, and they will go through this school without any tests at any time, so it’s incredibly art-based, practical learning. For example, they learn their science by building a Canadian canoe, or making a knife, or caramelising onions. And they’re all happy 17-year-olds. I can’t believe it –- happy and inspired.” You can read much more in my profile of Drumduan by CLICKING HERE.

So if you’re a student at a Western school that’s still stuck in the Dark Ages which continues to assign draconian homework and essays, I strongly encourage you to take advantage of the fact that we live in a golden age of technology where you can rebel against the system and pay others to write your essays for you by using online services like this one HERE.

Frankly, if I was a parent I would gladly pay this service for my kids, and better use the time they would have spent mindlessly writing an essay they weren’t truly interested in, and instead take them out into the world and teach them valuable lessons that have nothing to do with sitting in a chair for hours on end. One person who would have agreed with me is Frank Lloyd Wright. Watch below as he explains why our education system’s got it all wrong.
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