These Mindblowing Photos Of The Tuscan Countryside Might Have An Impact On Your Vacation Plans

by • September 18, 2015 • Photography, TravelComments (0)2146

Tuscany has become a place of almost mythological proportions for many people around the world. Just the mere mention of the place can send a wave of warmth from head to toe, sparking fantasies of what it would be like to wake up in a Tuscan villa each morning for a day of sun-soaked bliss. Nowhere is this ideal captured more beautifully than in the work of photographer Mauro Maione. Check out some of his photos below and it might be just enough to finally convince you to take that Italian vacation of your dreams right here, right now. For more of Mauro’s photos CLICK HERE and visit his Facebook page. I’ve also attached an equally droolworthy short film about Tuscany from filmmaker Gunther Machu at the bottom of the post as well. (Source: My Modern Met)

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