This “60 Minutes” Report On Wikipedia Will Give You New Respect For The World’s Greatest Website

by • July 27, 2015 • Business, Technology, TelevisionComments (0)3367

In their terrific profile of Wikipedia and its founder, Jimmy Wales60 Minutes correspondent, Morley Safer, says, “Over 200 times a second, half a billion times a month, somebody clicks on Wikipedia. It’s the greatest argument-settler wrought by man, or at least the fastest, perfectly suited to our era of instant gratification. As we reported last April, when it debuted 14 years ago, the online encyclopedia was a novelty, its accuracy hit or miss. Now it’s one of the world’s busiest websites, its reliability vastly improved, but not quite perfect. What’s more, it’s a charity, a non-profit where a devoted army of unpaid authors collaborate: articles about everything you can imagine. Who are they? And how does it all work? Ask Mr. Wikipedia himself, Jimmy Wales.” You can watch the report in full above and come out with a whole new respect for one of the world’s greatest websites.

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