Watch As A Music Box Baffles The World’s Most Adorably Confused Puppies

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I had two thoughts when I first watched this video of five Alaskan Malamute puppies riddled with confusion when their owner plays them a tune from a music box. First I thought to myself that I might want to consider getting an Alaskan Malamute, and second — I couldn’t help but wonder why dogs pivot their heads in that way. Linda Cole of Canidae says, “A dog tilts his head to reposition the ears so he can hear better in order to determine where the sound is coming from … Turning and cocking their head to one side helps to open up their ear canal so they can hear better.” Laura Moss of Mother Nature Network also adds, “The muscles of a dog’s middle ear are controlled by a part of the brain that’s also responsible for facial expressions and head movements, so when a canine tilts his head, he’s trying to perceive what you’re saying, as well as communicate to you that he’s listening.”

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