Ian Bremmer On The Grexit, Why Saudi Arabia Is Terrified & Why Losing FIFA Is Putin’s Biggest Fear

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If I had the power to assemble the dinner party of my dreams and invite any 10 people in the world to the table, Ian Bremmer would be front and centre. President and founder of the global risk consultancy firm Eurasia Group, as well as Editor-at-Large of TIME magazine, Ian Bremmer is the single most trustworthy and brilliant mind in any room when it comes to the c0mplex world of geopolitical interconnectedness. One of Charlie Rose’s legacy guests, Bremmer sat down with Rose for another world briefing where he explained, among other things: why there’s almost no chance Greece will leave the Euro, why Putin’s biggest fear (and provocation) would be to lose the 2018 FIFA World Cup, and why Saudi Arabia is “freaking out” over Washington’s upcoming deal with Iran. “[The Iran deal] is worse for Saudi Arabia than any other country in the world, and they understand that ultimately within five or ten years’ time America’s relationship with Iran is very likely to be much closer than that of Saudi Arabia.” You can watch the conversation in full above.

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