Read The Brilliant Top 8 Reasons Why It’s So Hard To Overcome A Traumatic Childhood

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Our childhoods shape us in ways that can take an entire lifetime for us to understand. And many people who experience traumatic childhoods never even come close to wrapping their heads around the ways in which those early years of development and exposure to trauma have manifested in their adult lives. In a fascinating new feature published in Psychology Today, David Sack M.D. has compiled a brilliant compilation of the top 8 reasons why it’s so hard to overcome a difficult childhood.

For example, Sack writes in #6: “Answers may be sought in others rather than themselves.Often a person attempts to find in others what was missing from their life in an attempt to fix the past. Or they may become an approval-seeker who will go to any lengths to keep the peace or earn the love of others. Rather than valuing their own needs, they spend their energy trying to become worthy of others’ affection, often enduring further abuse in the process.”

You can read the full list of 8 by visiting On the same topic, if you have not yet discovered Alice Miller’s mindblowing 1978 book, The Drama Of The Gifted Child, you can find out exactly why it has changed the lives of countless people by CLICKING HERE. I have also attached a powerful TED Talk on how traumatic childhoods almost always lead to struggles with addiction. And Charlie Rose assembled a recent roundtable for a fascinating discussion on the biological underpinnings of parenting which you can watch it in full below. You might also be interested in reading the following artilce as well: “Scientists Discover How Parents’ Behavior In First 3 Years Shapes Their Kids’ Lives For 3 Decades Later.” (Photo credit: © Phils Photography / Fotolia, via Science Daily).

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