Watch The Beautiful Trailer For “The End Of The Tour,” The True Story Of David Foster Wallace

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Rolling Stone writes: “Famed author David Foster Wallace (Jason Segel) and Rolling Stone writer David Lipsky (Jesse Eisenberg) form a complicated bond in the first trailer for The End of the Tour, a film that examines the duo’s five-day encounter during the writer’s Infinite Jest book tour. ‘When I think of this trip, I see David and me in the front seat of his car,’ Eisenberg narrates in the clip. “]’He wants something better than he has. I want precisely what he has already.” The two hang out, drive around, smoke large quantities of cigarettes and bond over their love of junk food and Die Hard. The young reporter craves the author’s success, while Wallace is uncomfortable being ‘the most talked-about writer in the country’ and clings to every shred of normalcy he can. ‘The more people think you’re really great, the bigger the fear of begin a fraud is,’ Segel says.” You can watch the trailer above. The End Of The Tour is set for release in North America on July 31st.

Slate adds: “It might help quiet some of these fears that the [film] is, in many ways, about precisely this subject. An adaptation of David Lipsky’s book Although of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself, the movie — which I was lucky enough to see at Sundance and which gets its first trailer today — is based on the conversations Lipsky had with Wallace on the book tour in support of Infinite Jest. Lipsky was there to profile the rising literary star, and many of their conversations were about Wallace’s celebrity and the process of profiling an author. Altogether, the movie makes for an appropriately meta portrait of the endlessly self-conscious Wallace.

Perhaps the deepest moment in the trailer comes when Wallace tells Lipsky, “I think that if there’s a sort of sadness for people under 45 it has something to do with pleasure and achievement and entertainment. Like a sort of emptiness at the heart of what they thought was going on.” Wallace’s thoughts here have a lot to do with what he was trying to say in his brilliant — and now famous — commencement speech below, entitled “This Is Water.” You can learn more about “This Is Water” by CLICKING HERE.


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