The WOW Files: Go Inside THE VOID, The World’s First Holodeck Park Opening Summer 2016

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If you thought the iconic Holodeck from Star Trek: The Next Generation was something you would never be able to experience in your lifetime, then think again. THE VOID is the world’s closest equivalent to the iconic full-scale virtual reality simulator, and it’s opening in summer 2016. THE VOID writes: “We live in an age where endless entertainment options exist at our fingertips, yet we still have a real need to get out of the house and share new experiences with our friends and family. At THE VOID you will walk into new dimensions and experience worlds without limits. From fighting intergalactic wars on alien planets, to casting spells in the darkest of dungeons, THE VOID presents the Future of Entertainment. Only limited by imagination, our advanced Virtual-Reality technologies allow you to see, move, and feel our digital worlds in a completely immersive and realistic way. Our Virtual Entertainment Centers (VECs) are coming to major cities throughout North and South America, Asia, Europe and Australia. More than watching a movie or playing a game … in THE VOID you will live an adventure.” Watch the mindblowing trailer above, and learn much more by visiting



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