Check Out These Brilliant Photoshopped Photos Of Your Favorite Celebs Turned Ginger

by • May 6, 2015 • Funny, HollywoodlandComments (0)4301

The team at Putarangonit™ are the wizards who cooked up the brilliant Tumblr and Instagram pages devoted exclusively to ginger-fying our favorite celebs. Yes, you can file this one under the “Why Didn’t I Think Of That First?” category. And I’m assuming Putarangonit™ is an Australian team because in the land down under a “ranga” is anyone with red hair. And you can be sure — even though he’s a ginger here, I’d still be perfectly happy putting a ring on Ricky Martin’s finger any day. You can see all the pics by visiting Putarangonit™ on Tumblr and Instagram. (Source: Towleroad)

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