The Top 14 Tricks You Can Use To Secretly Decode Someone’s Body Language & Read Their Mind

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In a fascinating new piece written by Drake Baer of Business Insider, we learn the following: 55% of what we convey comes from our body language, 38% comes from the tone of your voice, and only 7% comes from the words you say. After scouring the discoveries of Psychology Today, as well as various research journals and published studies, Baer uncovered the top 14 tricks you can use to decode someone’s body language to know exactly what they’re thinking — which is often the exact opposite of the words coming out of their mouth. Among my favorite include: a lack of wrinkles around the eyes indicates the person’s smile is not real; if a person’s voice goes up and down it means they are interested (i.e. women who slip into “sing-songy” voices, and men who drop their voice and octave), and how someone who mirrors your body language is very much interested in what you’re saying. You can read the full list of 14 by visiting And in case you’re one of the 5 people who haven’t yet watched Amy Cuddy’s brilliant TED Talk on body language, you can watch it in full below. I’ve also attached a few videos from body language expert Robert Phipps, author of Body Lanugage: It’s What You Don’t Say That Matters (Amazon). For even more great tips you can visit

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