Headlines vs. Trendlines: Watch President Clinton Explain Why Africa’s On The Brink Of A Huge Future

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Headlines and trendlines are often two completely different entities. For example, with so many somber news stories emerging from Africa it’s easy to not notice the enormous progress the continent is making in improving the quality of life and opportunities for its people. This week, President Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton are traveling through Africa to visit various Clinton Foundation projects. These initiatives are designed to improve the following: economic growth and empowerment, the full participation of women and girls, climate change, and health access – as well as the solutions that are inspiring real progress, in Africa and across the globe. The Clinton Foundation writes, “We are using this moment to call broader attention to what’s working in the world and share our optimism about the future.a We believe that by showcasing the innovators, innovations, and ideas that are driving positive change, we can keep trending in the right direction.” You can learn much more about these hopeful trendlines by visiting The Clinton Foundation. To read President Clinton’s TIME magazine feature where he lists the Top 5 Ideas That Are Changing The World be sure to visit TIME.com.

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