These Are NASA’s Top 6 Recommended Plants For Purifying Your Home’s Air From Toxic VOC’s

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VOC’s are what experts otherwise refer to as volatile organic compounds. These toxic VOC’s include the following: benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene/toluene, and ammonia. In an effort to discover ways to keep the air of the International Space Station as clean as possible, NASA launched an investigation into which plants are the most powerful and efficient when it comes to air purification. After a lengthy series of tests, NASA learned these five plants are the best of all at detoxifying the ISS, as well as your home: 1) aloe, 2) spider plant, 3) english ivy, 4) peace lily, 5) snake plant, and 6) the rubber plant. You can learn more by visiting, as well as by reading Mother Nature Network’s own list of their top 15 most recommended air-purifying plants at And be sure to read all of NASA’s findings from their Clean Air Study by CLICKING HERE.

Photo courtesy of All Things Plants

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