Watch How Evocative Design™ Is Building Our Next Generation Of Homes Out Of Mushrooms

by • April 13, 2015 • Business, Design, Nature, TechnologyComments (0)4081

We are so surrounded by ubiquitous particle board in our daily lives that it’s easy to forget how toxic it is. In order to glue those particles together, manufacturers need to use urea formaldehyde — a chemical which the Environmental Protection Agency classifies as a known human carcinogen. One company that’s discovered an ingenious solution to the problem is Evocative Design™. In the video above we get an inside look at their factory where they have developed a technique which maximizes the root structure of mushrooms (i.e. mycelium) to replace particle board formaldehyde, thereby turning this composite wood into a 100% biodegradable and organic material. The breakthrough is about to revolutionize everything from home construction to plastics to packaging to healthcare and beyond. To learn more visit the amazingness that is (Photo courtesy of WIRED)


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