Watch Monica Lewinsky’s Extraordinary TED Talk On Empathy & The Era Of For-Profit Humiliation

by • March 21, 2015 • Business, Psychology, Society, TechnologyComments (0)4088

Just a few days ago, Monica Lewinsky delivered a brilliant 22-minute speech at the annual TED Talks conference in Vancouver, and that speech is now available online for all to see. Lewinsky recounts her near fatal experience with public shaming and instantaneous humiliation on a global scale, which occurred when her sexual relationship with President Bill Clinton was discovered by the press. The 1998 scandal was the first of its kind to explode on the Internet, which was still in its infancy at the time. Lewinsky’s powerful words of wisdom carry enormous weight in our world’s increasingly toxic culture and business (yes, business) of humiliation — made all the worse by social media.

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