LINKguide (January 26, 2015)

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☛ Gorgeous model Julian Schneyder (above) just hit the runway for VERSACE and for Kosmas Pavlos too (OHLALAmag)
☛ Video of this dog helping a cat get its head unstuck has me wondering, “Where’s this dog when I need him?!” (Dlisted)
☛ Duke athletes come together to fight homophobia and other slurs with their “You Don’t Say” campaign (Towleroad)
☛ MRI scans inspire science-centric clothing in designer Brooke Roberts’ new line of digital knits with med data (PSFK)
☛ Watch Naomi Watts trip on Emma Stone’s dress at SAG Awards last night and recover with a good laugh (Just Jared)
The Berry comes to the rescue with 29 more shirtless hunks and I think #12 and #21 will do me just nicely (The Berry)
☛ Oh what I wouldn’t give to spend 2 weeks in this Tuscan home with the 2 hunks from the line above (National Traveller)
☛ All you need to know about Young Guv’s silky smooth “Wrong Crowd” featuring vocals by Jef Barbara (Silent Shout)

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