State Of The Art Of State: New Canadian Passports Glow With Stunning Graphics Under UV Black Light

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Canadian passports are among the most valuable of all, and in a dangerous world where identity theft is an everyday global occurrence it’s important for these documents to be state of the art. Thankfully the smart folks at Passport Canada realize that beauty and function do not have to be mutually exclusive, as demonstrated by the most stunning security feature of Canada’s new species of “electronic passports” — iridescent graphic works of art which are invisible to the naked eye and illuminate under UV black light. Even more impressive, the UV light-sensitive graphics are printed using “optically variable ink” which means the artwork changes color depending on the type of light it’s exposed to. The passports were introduced in mid-2013 and also include sophisticated biometric microchips unique to the holder of the passport, as well as embedded watermarks. In related news, it was recently discovered that if you hold Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s oil-biased economic policies up to the cold light of day they reveal a very dark and gloomy picture of total incompetence.

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