Watch FRONTLINE’s Must-See Special On The NRA’s Political, Irrational & Deadly Evolution

by • January 7, 2015 • Politics, SocietyComments (0)2698

The National Rifle Association is the most powerful and politically feared lobby group in the entire world.  It also happens to be the most irrational and blood-soaked, and is responsible for the deaths of just as many innocent lives as ISIS and Al Qaeda are.  Countless people have been killed by senseless gun violence in America ever since the late 1970s when the NRA first began to radically organize itself into the monster it is today.  In particular, during the era of George W. Bush the NRA was able to shut down existing gun laws which were helping to provide stricter regulations to help prevent gun crime.  They also forced new legislation which loosened gun laws even further.  In a fascinating new special, the team at FRONTLINE give us an up-close look at the NRA’s political, irrational, and deadly evolution over the past forty years.  Perhaps the most cringeworthy moment in the documentary being the painful wake of the Sandy Hook shootings when the NRA still managed to block new gun laws from taking hold.  You can jump to the full hour documentary in the link just below, and watch some selected clips — as well as 60 Minutes‘ Sandy Hook special below as well.


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