Fascinating 11-Minute Video Takes You Inside The Brain & Creative Process Of A Graphic Designer

by • December 11, 2014 • Design, Graphic Design, InspirationComments (0)3226

The creative process is almost as mysterious as consciousness itself.  When an artist is challenged with a fresh new project it’s impossible to fully appreciate the vast amount of mental processes that are taking place inside this person’s brain when they first put pen to paper.  A lifetime’s worth of influences, tastes, instincts, and imagineering are infused in each and every single line of those very first sketches.  That’s what makes creative individuals so compelling — each and every design or artwork they produce is a physical manifestation of their creativity, and a map of their creative process.  In a fascinating new video commissioned by Lynda.com, we get to go inside the creative mind of Portland, Oregon graphic designer Aaron Draplin, the creative wizard behind the Draplin Design Co., North America.  This is a brilliant little gem on many levels, made all the more enjoyable by Aaron’s amazing personality.  I have to admit, I was kind of sad when the video was over because I just wanted to keep hanging out with this guy.  As a matter of fact, I’m not usually attracted to heavier guys, but by the end of this video I wanted to marry Aaron Draplin and have his babies.  You need your own show Aaron — because the world needs more of you.  (Source: Kottke)

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