Scotland Yard Releases Video Of Thief Hypnotizing Shopkeeper & Stealing Hundreds Of Dollars

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Scotland Yard is asking Londoners for help in their search for a hypnotist robber who recently put a shopkeeper in a deep trance, then made off with hundreds of dollars which he grabbed right out of the unsuspecting owner’s pockets.  The fascinating series of events was captured on the store’s security cameras, and it’s this video which officials are hoping will lead to the robber’s arrest (you can watch it above).  Upon entering the store, the thief touches the arm of the owner, Aftab Haider (56), in a series of unusual sequences, then makes a hand gesture in front of his face.  His technique put Haider into a deep trance, and Haider told police afterwards that his mind was in another world during the robbery.  Within seconds of the thief leaving the store Haider regained his consciousness and quickly realized what had happened, and chased after the robber who was then long gone.

In a BBC interview, one well known hypnotist named Damien O’Brien said thinks the hypnosis was done in two phases — the thief most likely came in much earlier during the day and hypnotized the owner in advance, implanting a “trigger” in his subconscious which he later activated upon his return.  “You can never hypnotize someone on the first go, you warm them up,” O’Brien says.  “I would have thought he has already gone in there before and done some pre-suggestive stuff.”

This past June I was telling you about how I got my mind blown wide open when I discovered the mind control techniques of hypnotist and mentalist Keith Barry.  Barry’s TED Talk remains one of the top ten most watched TED Talks in the organization’s history — and for good reason.  Barry claims he is simply hijacking the brains of his participants with his powerful ability to read extremely subtle body language, as well as his planting subliminal information in their minds. But if you watch enough of Barry’s work in the videos below, you might just think there is much more going on than meets the mind.  I’ve attached several Keith Barry videos below — prepare yourself for some serious mind expansion.

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