Watch This Extraordinary Report On The Origins & Mission Of The Make-A-Wish Foundation

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In yesterday’s CBS Sunday Morning report on the origins and mission of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the organization’s CEO and President, David Williams, put it best when he said: “There’s a lot more to this than just sending a family to an amusement park.  This is not a fluffy, just nice thing that we do.  This is really, really important.  It is not a dying wish, it is not a last wish.  This is a wish that in many cases is going to help them get better.”  The Make-A-Wish Foundation was started 35 years ago with one sick child.  His name was Chris Greicius, and he was diagnosed with leukemia, and given just three years to live.  A dream team helped turn Chris’s biggest dream into reality — to be a police officer — and just two days after getting that uniform, Chris passed away.  He was laid to rest in it at the age of seven. When Chris’s mother was asked by CBS correspondent Lee Cowan, “So what do you think this all meant to him?”  Linda replies, “Oh, I don’t think there’s words to describe it, I really don’t.  More enjoyment than probably what he’d known in a long time.”  You can watch the full story above, and you can help make a child’s wish come true by visiting the amazingness that is the Make-A-Wish Foundation of America at, the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Canada at, and Make-A-Wish International at

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