The Vemödalen Instagram Paradox Explained: This Is That Weird Feeling You Get When You Take Photos

by • November 30, 2014 • Photography, Society, TechnologyComments (0)3189

When smartphone technology first began to intersect with the Internet and social media, the combination led to an enormous explosion in photographic activity around the world.  Today most people have a camera within arm’s reach at all times, as well as the ability to share their photos — and to see all photos in human history — instantaneously in the palm of their hand.  This new reality has created entirely new species of anxiety disorders never before seen.  One of these is what’s known as the “Vemödalen Instagram Paradox”, which is described by experts as “the frustration of photographing something amazing when thousands of identical photos already exist — the same sunset, the same waterfall, the same curve of a hip, the same closeup of an eye — which can turn a unique subject into something hollow and pulpy and cheap, like a mass-produced piece of furniture you happen to have assembled yourself.”  The paradox is elegantly explained in a new video above.  And if you’re asking yourself: “Well, why do I keep using Instagram?”  That answer is explained in the first of the three videos below.

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