Mystery Solved: These Are The Scientific Reasons Why Asparagus Pee Smells So Rancid

by • November 26, 2014 • Food, Science, UnexplainedComments (0)2304

For nearly 150 years, experts have been trying to figure out why our post-asparagus pee smells so decidedly rancid.  It should be a simple question to answer, right?  Wrong.  Turns out, part of the complication has to do not with the smell of asparagus pee itself — but with the smeller.  Thankfully, Hank Green of Sci Show is here to explain it to us in a 4-minute and 30-second video — which I must say is 3 minutes too long.  But since our civilization has been waiting for so many decades for the answer, I’m willing to sit through it.  Mystery solved.  (Photo courtesy of Buona Poppa).



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