Watch “INTERSTELLAR” Sound Designer Explain The Sonic Secrets Of The Mindblowing Epic

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Seeing INTERSTELLAR this weekend on IMAX was one of the most visceral adventures I have ever ever experienced in cinema.  Christopher Nolan is in epic form here, and he deserves every possible accolade under the Sun for what he’s achieved.  Nolan’s love letter to space exploration is taken to an even higher level thanks to the mastery of Hans Zimmer and his profound original score which gave me goosebumps more times than I can count.  But one thing everyone is talking about is the astonishing sound design that fills every nook and cranny of INTERSTELLAR.  Some viewers complained of how some scenes are so overwhelmed with sound that it’s difficult to hear the dialogue.  Nolan made a point to clarify that this was 100% intentional.  I never had any complaints about the sound myself — I thought it was brilliant.  In a brand new pocket documentary, sound designer Richard King explains how they pulled it off.  You can watch it in full above.

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