“Good Morning America” Tested Your Filthy Pillows For Microbes And The Results Are In

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Do you often wake up in the morning and feel like crap?  There’s a very good chance your disgusting pillows are to blame.  Good Morning America recently tested the pillows of some random New Jersey families, and the results are enough to make you lose sleep.  From E. coli, to mold, to mites out of control — the lab results that came back are all the proof you need to change your pillows immediately.  As a matter of fact, experts strongly recommend you change your pillows every two years because of there is no other object in your home that is this hazardous which comes into such close contact with your eyes, ears, nose, and mouth — the parts of your body you need to protect the most to avoid allergies and bacterial infections.

In a related story, I was recently staying in a Vancouver hotel for a few months and had one of the best pillow experiences of my life.  My sleeps were consistently amazing, and I knew from day one that it was the pillows.  I marked down the make and model, and as soon as I got home I was sure to order four for myself.  As far as pillows are concerned I’m as picky as they come, and these ones impressed me because after 8 hours of sleep they were still as puffy and cool as they were when I went to bed.  On top of that they’re anti-clumping, hypoallergenic, and anti-bacterial, so they would have passed the GMA test with flying colors.  They’re made by a company called Eden Textiles, and the model is called “The Indulgence”.  It’s the second one in the list on their website at EdenTextile.com.  I seriously can’t recommend them enough!  Sweet dreams.  (Photo courtesy of Amolis).

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