Science Proves Our Teeth Were Healthier 2,000 Years Ago, Shows How To Cure Cavities Without A Dentist

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New research out of the UK has discovered that human teeth were much stronger and healthier in the Roman era than they are today.  You can watch the video below to learn how scientists made the discovery.  The #1 blame pointed to in the study for the decline in dental health is the modern prevalence of carbohydrate-heavy foods which create a feeding ground for new kinds of bacteria that never existed inside the mouth thousands of years ago.  As a result, these bacteria excrete acid waste which destroys teeth.  The American Dental Association also puts the blame on these bacteria as the source for tooth decay and gum disease.

But the editors of Natural News disagree with this explanation.  Their reasoning is the following: 1) indigenous people with diets rich in fermentable carbs were shows to be completely free of tooth decay, 2) bacteria do not ingest sugar or flour-based carbs due to the lack of nutrients, 3) the foods that bacteria do thrive on (such as milk, veggies, meat, fish, and fruit) are not related to tooth decay.  According to Natural News, the true source of tooth decay and gum disease is a chronic shortage of minerals in the diet, as well as not enough fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K) in the diet.  Because nutrients are not readily bioavailable, your intestines have nothing to absorb and the presence of phytic acid makes the problem even worse.  When the human body is lacking in vitamins and minerals, and when it’s high in phytates (which come from grains, seeds, nuts, and legumes), the blood’s calcium-phosphorus equilibrium is thrown out of whack and the body starts pulling what it needs out of bones — thereby causing tooth and bone degradation.

It’s quite possible with this new information that you will never have to visit your dentist for cavity checks ever again, because if you eat properly your body will naturally heal and prevent 100% of the cavities in your teeth.  To kickstart this dental cure and get your superstar smile, you want to incorporate the following foods into your diet: coconut oil, grass-fed organic dairy (especially butter), grass-fed meats, seafood, bone broths, organic cooked vegetables, organ and gland meats (i.e. liver).  By extension, you will want to eliminate or limit phytic acid-heavy foods like grains, beans, seeds, and completely eliminate processed foods altogether.  Round this program out with supplements of fermented cod liver oil (rich with A, D, K, and fat-soluble vitamins), magnesium (essential to maintain calcium-phosphorus equilibrium — studies have shown modern humans are chronically deficient in magnesium which manifests in many nasty ways), and gelatin supplements (if you’re too busy to make bone broth).


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