Gaspar Battha’s “Patterns Of Harmony” Lightmapping Lightbox Of 2-Way Mirrors Will Expand Your Mind

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Gaspar Battha is a motion graphics and new media artist who is currently busy working on his Master project at UdK Berlin where he’s exploring the limits of the human mind with his lightbox project entitled “Patterns Of Harmony”.  The ambitious design is built with a series of angled 2-way mirrors which he refers to as a “fractal of cubes” — a mirrored projection mapping installation inspired by quantum physics and a desire to find the origin of geometry.  Battha writes: “The language of nature as Galileo said is an alphabet of simple shapes of spheres, triangles, pentagons and their combination. But what are these shapes? Why is a cube constructed as it is and why do we find the same shapes and geometrical structures on the largest as well as on the smallest scales of the cosmos? Is geometry only an illusion of our senses or is it an essential building block of the universe?  Patterns of Harmony seeks the origin of geometry through an interdisciplinary quest that leads deep down to quantum physics.”

Battha adds: “It examines the cosmos and the world of science, searching for the most basic description. It focuses on all of nature’s weird beauty, takes concepts from far beyond the perceptivity of the human mind and attempts to translate them into a unified, spatial form.  Whether the resulting complexity of all of nature’s components circulating in a never ending metamorphosis derive from the universe itself, or is a reflection of the human mind interpreting information through the senses, it has another remarkable aspect — as one of the most advanced physical systems, that can still be described by such a simple equation as ‘E=mc2’ — by which we must come to the conclusion that even when our universe looks so complex, at the bottom of all there is nothing else, but beautiful and simple harmony.”  

You can learn more by visiting  And for more great examples of extraordinary lightmapping be sure to visit Lightmapping on FEELguide.  (Source: The Creators Project)



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