Reuters Correspondent Discovers Photo Album Filled With Mysterious 19th Century Photos From Africa

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Simon Akam is a journalist who moved to the west African country of Sierra Leone in 2010 where he worked as a correspondent for Reuters and The Economist.  For two years Akam called the country home until he grew disillusioned of the area and returned to England.  Simon wrote many pieces during that time, but it was one of his stories about the town of Kroo Bay which captured the attention of reader Barbara Hilliam, who contacted Simon to share an extraordinary photo album of her grandfather’s from the late 1800s which appeared to be from the exact same town.  When Simon met up with Barbara in person he was moved by the images he was seeing, as they shed new light on a part of the world he once called home.  You can see some of the photos below, but to see them all, and to read Simon’s lovely story, be sure to visit

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