George Lucas Talks To Charlie Rose About Religion & The Psychological Motifs Embedded In “STAR WARS”

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George Lucas helped usher in the age of the blockbuster alongside his close friend and colleague Steven Spielberg, in large part from the instant global success of STAR WARS.  The original film was heavily inspired by the work of American mythologist, philosopher, and writer Joseph Campbell (1904-1987) who is best known for his work in comparative mythology and comparative religion.  Campbell’s 1949 book The Hero With A Thousand Faces has since become an iconic resource for understanding the connections between “The Hero’s Journey”, the power of mythology in human history, and the role of narrative story in shaping civilizations since the beginning of time.

Lucas recently sat down with Charlie Rose to discuss the timeless themes and psychological motifs that shaped STAR WARS, and you can watch the fascinating conversation in full below, and watch a short clip of the conversation above.  The interview was taped in Chicago where Lucas will open the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art in 2018. The museum “will be a gathering place to experience narrative art and the evolution of moving images – from illustration to cinema to the digital mediums of the future.”  You can learn much more about the exciting project by visiting  To learn more about the museum’s design, its team of architects, and its location CLICK HERE.

To more deeply explore the philosophies of Joseph Campbell be sure to read his iconic masterpiece The Hero With A Thousand Faces, as well as watch the 2011 film Finding Joe.  The documentary reveals how Campbell’s philosophies are as relevant today as they were thousands of years ago, as well as providing a foundation for living a fully realized life.  In an interview with PSFK, director and producer Patrick Takaya Solomon adds: “This movie is a tailored fit for anyone who has a shred of creativity in their bones! There is a lot on information packed in there. I think the big intellectual lesson is that you are on the same journey as every hero and heroine from every story ever told and every story that will ever be told. However, it’s not so much what you learn, it’s more about what you feel. It galvanizes your courage and makes you feel like you can do anything.”  You can read the full interview at, and learn more about the film by visiting, and watch the trailer below.

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