New Science Proves Toxic Sugar In Coke, Pepsi & Other Soft Drinks Ages You As Much As Smoking

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For years now, experts have been ringing the alarm bells over the toxic side effects of sugar, which is unanimously regarded by scientists and health experts as one of the single most dangerous substances to the human body.  From cancer to diabetes to obesity, the list of deadly consequences of high sugar consumption reads like a nightmare.  Now a new peer-reviewed study of 5,300 individuals, published in the Journal Of Public Health, is adding one more direct impact of taking in too much sugar — this time it has more to do with what’s going on outside your body than what’s happening inside.  The study has revealed that people who drink one average-size can of Coke or Pepsi, or any similar soft drink, will age prematurely at the exact same rate as a smoker.  You can read much more on this story by visiting  And if you need further reason to stop eating and drinking sugar, just sit back and watch 60 Minutes‘ brilliant report below.  The results of the soft drink premature aging study centers on the analysis of telomores, the tail-ends of our chromosomes.  Most scientists believe the secret to reversing age is somewhere to be found inside these telomeres, and you can read much more about this research by clicking on the top link just below. (Photo credit: Bloomberg/Bloomberg via Getty).

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