Homecoming Tearjerker: Watch How An Atlanta High School Made 2 Special Needs Kids Their King & Queen

by • October 16, 2014 • Random NewsComments (0)2372

The anti-bullying social movement sweeping the world in recent years is a beautiful thing to see unfold.  Far too many people have been forever traumatized by the devastating psychological impact that bullying can have during the early developmental years of childhood, and now kids and young adults everywhere are fighting back to demonstrate the very best side of humanity.  Case in point is an Atlanta area high school which held their annual Homecoming ceremonies last Friday.  In the running for Homecoming King & Queen this year were two extraordinary special needs students, Hannah Keen and Gus Ashbury.  As all of the contenders took the field and the big announcement grew closer, Haley Pierce, a senior at Dunwoody who has known Hannah since kindergarten, remembered the mood. “We’re all sitting there, like, ‘Hannah and Gus, oh my gosh! They have to win!’ We were all on the field and we all had tears in our eyes, like, ‘Oh my gosh!'”  Sure enough, Hannah and Gus came out on top as their high school’s official royal couple, and days later they were still glowing from their big moment.  The coronation was a huge symbol of pride for all of the high school’s student and staff.  “That’s what we’re all about here,” Principal Tom McFerrin tells NBC News.  “Be good people and do good things in this world.”

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