Watch John Oliver Destroy The Absurdity Of The Miss America Pageant & Donald Trump

by • September 22, 2014 • Society, TelevisionComments (0)3756

On last night’s episode of Last Week Tonight, host John Oliver delivered an epic takedown of the Miss America Pageant and its owner, Donald Trump.  In a brilliant 15-minute segment, Oliver focused primarily on the organization’s false claim that they are the largest provider of scholarships to women anywhere in the world.  After pulling the group’s not-for-profit tax records nationwide, Oliver’s team discovered the bogus claim is so outrageously off the mark, it’s any wonder why the pageant’s executives aren’t fined in some major way.  Oliver destroys Donald Trump as well, describing him as made of mummified foreskin, and showing a clip of Trump delivering a soundbite to a red carpet entertainment reporter that is shockingly misogynist even by Trump standards.  How the Miss America Pageant is still in operation in the year 2014 almost defies explanation.

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