Yours For $725 Million: This Is The Texas Ranch So Vast You Can See It From Space With The Naked Eye

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If you happen to have an extra $725 million of disposable income, and have a passion for Texas, horses, and ranch lifestyle, you will likely fall in love with the famous Waggoner Ranch which is about to go on the market.  The massive ranch was created by Dan Waggoner in 1849 in northern Texas, a mere 4 years after Texas itself became a state in December 1845.  The iconic ranch takes up such an enormous portion of the United States that it is visible from space with the naked eye.  But the sale is not exactly good news in the eyes of all Texans.  Many fear the sale mark the end of their beloved ranch culture, and close the book on a vital chapter of the state’s cultural history.  So just how big is Waggoner Ranch exactly?  Coming in at 1,289 square miles (3,340 square kilometers, or 535,000 acres), Waggoner Ranch is the equivalent of 56 islands of Manhattan. Waggoner Ranch is also a major oil producer with nearly 2,000 wells leased by major and independent oil companies which extract hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil each year from the sandstone and carbonate reservoirs from beneath the ranch.  You can watch the CBS This Morning feature profile above, as well as visit  Something tells me the Ewing family is itching to buy right now.


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