This Is One Easy Thing You Can Do To Make Your Morning Wake-Up That Much Easier

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When I’m working outside of home on a contract, my days start at 8am, which means I need to be out the door by 7:25am.  In order to be out the door at 7:25am I need enough time to clean myself, feed myself, and dress myself.  In order to do all of this I need to be vertical no later than 6:45am — and in order to accomplish this I need to be snoozing off-and-on since 6am.  Yes — 45 minutes of snoozing is what it takes to get me vertical.  I used to think this was a smart way to start my morning, until I read a column by Gretchen Rubin who warns against the snooze phase.  To find out why snoozing may be doing much more harm than good to your morning routine, be sure to visit


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