The Happiest Place On Earth: Go Inside One Of Japan’s Amazing New Owl Cafes

by • May 23, 2014 • Random NewsComments (0)4943

Owls have long been steeped in folklore and mystery, but now it’s possible to get up close and personal with some of the most beautiful birds in the world.  One of the biggest new fads in Japan are its numerous owl cafes — otherwise known as “fukurou cafes” in Japanese.  A petting zoo of sorts, it’s here where visitors can play with these stunning birds, all while enjoying some custom owl-themed snacks and beverages.  Because owls and humans aren’t exactly best buddies in the natural world, Japan’s owl cafes have some rules for its human guests such as: don’t pet the owls unless you’re accompanied  by a staff member, don’t use any camera flashes or speak to loudly, and only a few people are allowed inside the cafes at any given time so as to not disturb the birds too much (so lineups are quite long).  You can learn more by visiting and


OwlCafe1OwlCafe5OwlCafe6OwlCafe7OwlCafe8OwlCafe9OwlCafe10OwlCafe11OwlCafe12OwlCafe13OwlCafe14Sources: 9gag and Osakayana

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