Fascinating New Documentary “Finding Vivian Maier” Uncovers Life Of Mysterious Photographer

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A brilliant new documentary is bringing the life story of unknown and reclusive photographer, Vivian Maier, to the silver screen.  Finding Vivian Maier tracks Maier’s double-life where she spent her days working as a nanny, and her spare time exploring her greatest passion — the art of photography.  Perhaps no one would have ever know of Maier’s extraordinary gift as a photographer had it not been for one young man who recently purchased the contents of an abandoned storage locker for $400.  The locker had been put up for auction by the storage company due to delinquent payments, but as soon as the buyer began to browse through the boxes upon boxes of film and negatives he found inside, he quickly began to realize he was in the presence of greatness.  CBS This Morning recently profiled the documentary and you can watch the story above.  For more information on Finding Vivian Maier be sure to visit VivianMaier.com.


Photo: “Vivian Maier: Self-Portrait”. September 10, 1955; Anaheim, California, courtesy Howard Greenberg Gallery.

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