This Fascinating Timelapse Unlocks The Mysteries Of Slow-Moving Coral Reef Organisms

by • March 28, 2014 • Nature, PhotographyComments (0)2486

The human mind is most adapted to comprehending organisms which move at a relatively similar speed.   However, there are countless living organisms on the planet which move at speeds much slower, operating within living patterns that are almost undetectable to the human eye.  Nowhere is this captured more beautifully than in the timelapse photography of Daniel Stoupin.  In his video entitled Slow Life, Stoupin gets us up close and personal with the slow-moving coral reef life on the ocean floor.  “Slow marine life is particularly mysterious,” explains Stoupin.  “As colorful, bizarre-looking, and environmentally important as we know corals and sponges are, their simple day-to-day life is hidden.  We know some bits about their biochemistry, corals’ interaction withzooxanthella algae, their life cycles, and systematics.  Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell what we don’t know about the rest, and particularly when it comes to interaction with other organisms happening over long periods of time.”  you can read the full story by CLICKING HERE.

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