The WOW Files: Watch This Mindblowing Short Documentary On The Neon Sign Makers Of Hong Kong

by • March 26, 2014 • Art, The WOW FilesComments (0)2751

CPAK Studios and M+ (Hong Kong’s museum for visual culture) are the wizards behind this brilliant pocket documentary about the art of neon sign-making in Hong Kong.  The 11-minute doc entitled The Making Of Neon Signs will take you on a journey from the unique design process of the signs themselves, to the tube bending, to the gas filling and beyond.  The film also demonstrates the current situation and challenges of the neon sign industry in Hong Kong.  One of the most fascinating insights we learn is that each neon letter has a “start and stop position”.  What we discover is that the locations of these starts and stops has nothing to do with the the font style, or the limitations of the glass, or even how the glass rods are attached — and everything to do with these craftsmen preventing themselves from being burned by the 800°C flame.  Pure amazingness.  And if you love this film then you absolutely need to watch THIS VIDEO.

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