The WOW Files: Microscope Video Shows Tiny Gold Motors Being Driven Around Inside Cancer Cells

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As nanotechnology continues to evolve in stunning new directions, we sill soon be living in a world where engineers are able to manufacture an iPhone or an iPad that is so small it can fit under your fingernail.  Nanotechnology has infinite applications, including medicine, which is where the extraordinary video above emerged.

In a paper published yesterday in the journal Angewandte Chemie, researchers have successfully built nano-sized motors made from pure gold, which are able to be controlled by the scientists who literally drive them around inside cancer cells.  The gold motors are activated by directing pulses of ultrasound at the cell, and although the researchers don’t have much control yet over precisely where the motors move inside the cell, the breakthrough holds enormous promise as a basis for a future treatment and cure for cancer.

These are not the only types of nano motors that have been developed — scientists have also created nano-sized rockets capable of moving around inside the human body as well. Researchers have been testing the rockets under a propulsion system which converts acid found inside the stomach and other areas of the body into its fuel source as the rockets go about their work.  For all FEELguide stories related to nanotechnology you can visit Nanotechnology on FEELguide.

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