Experts Crunch The Data To Build A Comprehensive Analysis Of The Scientific Impact Of TED Talks

by • February 12, 2014 • Inspiration, ScienceComments (0)2553

One of the most powerful and influential podiums in the world today is the renowned TED Talk.  With over one billion views, this prestigious online collection of presentations — which cover all things Technology, Entertainment, and Design — has become big business and an instant source of international fame and acclaim for anyone lucky enough to be invited as a TED speaker.

The team at renowned PLOS ONE recently crunched the data in order to analyze the scientific impact of a TED Talk.  Scientific American writes: “They looked into the characteristics of academic presenters, the relationship between these characteristics and video popularity, and the impact a TED talk has on the presenter’s citation impact.”

You can read the full analysis by visiting  You can also watch three of my all-time favorite TED Talks below, watch them all by visiting TED Talks on FEELguide, and enter the mothership at


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