“Wake Up” & Watch This Powerful Reminder From Alan Watts About Who You Really Are

by • January 17, 2014 • Philosophy, Space, SpiritualityComments (0)3876

Who are you really?  This is the deeply philosophical terrain explored by renowned philosopher, writer, speaker, and zen guru Alan Watts (1915-1973).  Watts’ life work continues to make the world a better place, helping to transform the lives of everyone who falls in love with his message of peace and interconnectedness.  Now in a beautiful new video montage, the team at Tragedy And Hope Productions have fused stunning imagery with an amazing lecture from Watts.  You can watch it in full above, and learn more about the team’s work by visiting TragedyAndHopeProductions.org and follow them on Facebook.  For more amazingness from Alan Watts be sure to visit AlanWatts.org and AlanWatts.com.  Watts also appears in Spike Jonze’s Academy Award-nominated film HER, and you can learn more about that here: “Ghost In The Machine: The Powerful Questions Of Love & The Nature Of Reality In Spike Jonze’s HER“.  For all FEELguide stories related to Alan Watts you can CLICK HERE.

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