The Fairhaven Beach House In Southern Australia Is A Love Letter To Cinema, Surfing, & Mother Nature

by • January 5, 2014 • Architecture, DesignComments (0)5052

Designed by award-winning firm John Wardle Architects, this stunning beach house in southern Australia has captured my heart and then some.  Known as the Fairhaven Beach House, the home is perched alongside the picturesque Great Ocean Road, which winds past numerous beautiful bays and surfing beaches in Victoria.  The home (which won the Robin Boyd Award for Residential Architecture by the Australian Institute of Architecture in November 2013) was designed with a very cinematic sensibility as well.  The architects explain their design process as follows: “akin to scenography, cutting together sensory and spatial experiences to frame the theatre of inhabitation within.”  Enjoy the photos by Trevor Mein, and to learn more about this stunning home be sure to visit


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