The WOW Files: Meet Rene Redzepi, Denmark’s “God Of Food”, And Owner Of The World’s #1 Restaurant

by • December 30, 2013 • Art, Business, FoodComments (0)3628

Mo Rocca recently met up with Copenhagen’s top chef, Rene Redzepi (born December 15, 1977 in Copenhagen).  A refreshing contrast to the celebrity-fueled, money-crazed world of fine dining and superstar chefs, Redzepi has chosen a critically acclaimed, and much more modest path.  When he opened his restaurant NOMA in Copenhagen in 2003, his mission was to create a venue for culinary creativity using only locally-sourced food.  Just a few short years later and NOMA is now the world’s #1 restaurant for two years in a row.  A remarkable achievement for a chef who, at one point during a long, cold winter was forced to use 2-year-old carrots to keep his plates full.  And as with all things Redzep, those carrots were transformed into pure heaven.  You can watch the CBS This Morning profile of Redzepi above, as well as pick up your own copy of his brand new book Rene Redzepi: A Work In Progress on Amazon.  To enter the world of Redzepi’s NOMA be sure to visit

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