Fascinating New Smartphone App Decodes The Patterns And Hidden Meanings Of Your Dreams

by • December 13, 2013 • NeuroscienceComments (0)3015

Researchers continue to unlock the mysterious cognitive function(s) of dreaming, with new groundbreaking discoveries made each and every year.  Last April I posted a story which profiled the remarkable new ability of scientists to pull images directly out of your dreams (read more HERE), and in March I put together a user’s guide to lucid dreaming where I explain how you can manipulate your dreams and your conscious experience of them (read more HERE).  Now there is a brilliant new smartphone app which analyzes the patterns of your dreams over time and discovers any hidden code or meaning embedded within.  You can get the DreamProfessor™ app by visiting iTunes, and learn more about the significance of the why this app is so powerful by visiting TIME.com.  Lately I’ve been having a lot of dreams about Adam Levine, so now that I’ve discovered the DreamProfessor™ app I look forward to unlocking their secret meaning.


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