Scientists Discover Mushrooms Produce Their Own Wind To Get Their Spores Flying

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For ages, scientists always thought mushrooms relied on luck in order to get their spores to spread around their local environment.  If the wind wasn’t blowing, then it was bad news for the mushrooms’ attempt to spread their seed.  Remarkable new research, however, has proven that mushrooms are much more actively involved in spreading their spores around.  Using high-speed videography combined with laser light (see photo above), researchers have witnessed mushrooms manipulating water vapor and active cooling to generate air flow.  The self-produced wind generated by the mushrooms has the ability to add an extra 4 inches both horizontally and vertically — just enough to get the spores into perfect position for growing a new mushroom.  And while we’re on the topic of mushrooms, it’s always a treat to re-watch this quick report on how a species of hallucinogenic arctic mushrooms were the main source of inspiration behind the mythology of Santa’s flying reindeer.  Watch it below, and read the full story in the first of the two links right here:

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Source: Popular Science

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