The Chilling Story Of What Happened To Jacqueline Kennedy’s Watermelon Pink Suit

by • November 24, 2013 • Fashion, HistoryComments (0)7831

Jacqueline Kennedy‘s watermelon pink suit which she was wearing on November 22, 1963 when her husband was killed, has become permanently seared into the world’s collective memory of that tragic event.  When Kennedy was shot in the head while sitting beside Jackie in the back seat of the convertible in Dallas, a large piece of his skull and brain flew backwards towards the trunk and Jackie instinctively crawled onto the back of the car to grab it.  Her suit was stained with her husband’s blood, and even though she was advised to change clothes, Jackie refused, saying: “No, I’m going to leave these clothes on.  I want them to see what they have done.”  She wore the suit, an American-made knockoff of a Chanel design, into the hospital where JFK was taken immediately following the assassination, as well as on the plane as her husband’s body was returned to Washington.  Once returning to the White House, Jackie finally changed into clean clothes, and the pink suit was removed from the home.  The following is the extraordinary story of what happened to Jackie O’s pink suit, where it is today, and where it will be 100 years from now.

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