Check Out This Video Of GE’s Insane New 3D Metal Painting Machine

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3D-printing is gradually becoming part of our modern day lexicon, and as of this week it appears a new species of this technology making its debut.  It’s known as “3D-painting” and the ingenious technology was created by the wizards at General Electric.  What’s the purpose of it, you might ask?  3D-painting machines spray metal powders at broken parts and machines with extremely high velocity.  The metallic spray builds up in precise computer-drawn forms on the object in need of fixing, with the repair jobs taking just a few minutes and completely eliminating the need for welding.  Although nowhere nearly as revolutionary as its incredible big brother, the 3D-printer, 3D-painting “cold spraying” most definitely has its important place at the table of cutting edge technology as well.  To enter the amazing world of GE be sure to visit GE Global Research.

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