Check Out Cape Town’s Stunning, Earthy & Gorgeous TRUTH Coffee Shop

by • September 18, 2013 • Design, Food, Style, TravelComments (0)4730

TRUTH™ is the most beloved coffee shop chain in all of Cape Town, created by connoisseur David Donde.  As if South Africa isn’t beautiful enough as it is, it’s taken to a whole other level when you step inside the company’s steampunk-inspired headquarters.  Designed by Haldane Martin, the interior brings to vivid life the down-to-earth, cozy hominess that has become synonymous with TRUTH’s brand and reputation.  The company’s name reflects their core mandate of honesty, inspiration and transparency, and the interior design is a perfect reflection of that.

 The design of the headquarters, for instance, is anchored around a cast iron vintage roaster drum which gives off radiant and convective heat, resulting in a stronger flavored coffee compared to the majority of other coffee brewers who use more conventional steel drums which were introduced in the 1970s.  Yatzer recently profiled the shop, raving about what they experienced: “The stripped wooden floors and the metal girders, mesh and lighting, casually hanging to enhance the space, create an exciting and industrial feeling that’s almost like stumbling into a  secret members club from a bygone era hidden in a warehouse.”  You can see more pics by visiting  And for all things TRUTH™ be sure to visit, and follow owner DavidDonde on Twitter.


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