RP-VITA™ Robots Now Busy Saving Lives In Hospitals: Watch How This One Woman Survived Her Stroke

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Robots are becoming increasingly more and more present in our daily lives.  From our children’s toys, to astonishing limb replacement technology, robots are the future — and the future is incredibly bright.  One of the most fascinating frontiers where robots and humans are working together to make the world a better place is inside our hospitals.  This particular kind of robot is known as an RP-VITA (named for “remote presence”).  According the manufacturer’s specs, the RP-VITA robot was designed to transform the delivery of acute care by expanding the use of remote consults and increasing workflow efficiency.  Developed by InTouch Health and iRobot, RP-VITA eliminates the need for telemedicine specific staffing and support with an array of intuitive, easy-to-use features that encourage physician adoption and clinical use.  AutoDRIVE capabilities allow RP-VITA to safely navigate and travel to selected destinations without requiring user guidance; ControlStation App for iPad enables fast and easy access and control from anywhere; cloud-based, SureCONNECT infrastructure maintains reliable connections under highly variable network conditions; FDA clearance and HIPAA compliance assure safe and effective consults in high-acuity clinical environments; and scalable and an upgradeable remote presence platform protects customer investment in telemedicine technology.  NBC Nightly News recently profiled the RP-VITA robot, where they met one woman whose life was saved by an RP-VITA in the middle of the night when she suffered a stroke.  Pure amazingness.

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