After Years Of Development And Disasters Miami Officially Runs Out Of Beach Sand In Just A Few Days

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It seems like an impossible situation, but it’s sadly true — in less than one month the city of Miami will officially run out of sand to keep its beaches replenished and topped up.  But it’s not only Miami that is perilously close to running out of beach sand — it’s the entire Atlantic coast of Florida.  Miami just so happens to be the worst off.  After decades of natural disasters that have blown tons of sand away, as well as over-development, and the vacuuming of immense quantities of sand into ships offshore in order to be brought onshore, Miami has no more sand nearby to keep its famous beaches in pristine condition.  In the following NBC NEWS report, we learn that there are only two solutions to the problem:  1) import vast quantities of sand from the Bahamas or the Turks and Caicos at an insanely expensive cost, or 2) use recycled crushed glass to keep the beaches in good shape.  Guess which solution is generating the most excitement in the halls of Florida’s government.

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BeachSandSource: NBC Nightly News

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